I’m stuck. I’m stuck and don’t know what to do. I sleep with people and do drugs, but that is by no means a good life although some would say “it’s the college life.” 

I’ve become dependent on drugs, more so than I’d like. I mean, smoking marijuana three times a week is nothing, it’s much more. When I’m angry I’ll reach for the cocaine, when I’m happy I’ll reach for a tab of acid, but I’m never really sad. Sex and drugs make me happy, but I feel like they shouldn’t.

A few years back I realized I was a sex addict, and that cannot be changed. Is it that bad though? The fact that I can’t go a full seven days without sex? Fiona Gallagher was a sex addict in Shameless. I’m just Fiona with a better home life. College has turned me into a Gallagher. 

I look around campus though, and realize there are people way worse. I have friends that get wasted and do cocaine every night because it “sobers them up.” I have friends that are never actually on earth because they take LSD religiously. So am I that bad? Probably.