I just finished my first semester of college, and it surely was full of “firsts.”  Going to school in a historic town on the coast was a jump from my town only a few hours away, but  I surf and I skate so I fit in more than perfectly, but I also did some things that I thought I would never do.  I smoked weed for the first time, it was too great, so on that note I smoked pretty much on the daily after that.

I found myself cheating on my boyfriend, like really cheating.  After less than a week there I was caught up in a one night stand, I wanted nothing more than that one night, and the next morning I did my first ever “walk of shame,” but I wasn’t shameful, I was ecstatic.  I had never done anything like this before and it was absolutely gratifying. (Should I be ashamed?  Probably.)

College was my first time having a fall fling (fuck summer romances, fall flings are better).  It was with this local, and god was he gorgeous.  We spent nearly everyday together doing the usual, smoking marijuana and surfing, what else could I ask for?!  But this was supposed to just be a fling, why did he introduce me to his mom?  Oh well, we still had fun, I was so ready for him to leave to go on his yearly trips to Puerto Rico, Nica, and Hawaii though.

In this fling, I did my first LSD one night/morning, and I had no idea until I started seeing shit, and he was like “Oh hey, there was LSD in that blunt, pretty trippy right?” I was so pissed at first, then I was like “fuck, this is great.”  But a week before than, I found myself in a bar bathroom with him doing cocaine off of a cellphone.  I didn’t know why I did it, but it was absolutely incredible, the headache that lasted a week afterwards was definitely not incredible though, it was absolutely awful.

First time being drugged was an awful experience, I was at a bar with a ton of people and one of my best friends, I ordered a drink and about halfway through I started to feel awful.  I was disoriented, dizzy, confused, my eyes were getting floating, I felt like I was about to pass out at any minute.  My friend noticed and took me straight back to the dorm, and the next day I was fine. Thank God that I didn’t drink the entire thing.

All these “firsts,” the great and the horrible mean something beyond words to me.  I’ve met friends who bring me breakfast when I’m hungover and hold my hair back when I’ve drank way too much, and I do the exact same for them.  I’m extremely happy to have experienced all of these things, and frankly, I cannot wait until next semester begins.